The political landscape in Florida has been marked by dynamic leadership, with figures like Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump playing pivotal roles in shaping the state’s political direction. This article explores the influence and implications of DeSantis and Trump within the Florida GOP, as well as their potential impact on the broader political landscape.

Ron DeSantis: A Rising Force in Florida Politics

1. Leadership During COVID-19

Governor Ron DeSantis gained national attention for his approach to managing the COVID-19 pandemic. His policies, emphasizing personal freedom and limited government intervention, endeared him to many conservatives while drawing criticism from some quarters.

Source: Reuters – Florida Governor DeSantis emerges as potential contender for 2024

2. Stance on Immigration and Border Security

DeSantis has taken a strong stance on immigration and border security, aligning with the Trump administration’s policies. This approach has resonated with a significant portion of the Florida GOP base.

Source: Orlando Sentinel – DeSantis signs bill banning ‘sanctuary’ policies

Donald Trump: A Key Figure in Florida Politics

1. Influence Beyond the Presidency

Since leaving office, Donald Trump has maintained a prominent presence in Florida, making it his official residence. His endorsement of candidates in local and state races has been highly sought after and carries significant weight within the Florida GOP.

Source: ABC News – Trump remains a force in Florida GOP politics

2. 2022 Midterm Elections

Trump’s endorsement of candidates in the 2022 midterm elections will likely play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Florida GOP. His influence on primary races and his ability to mobilize supporters will be closely watched.

Source: Politico – Trump plots his next coup

The Future of the Florida GOP

1. Potential for Collaboration or Competition

The relationship between DeSantis and Trump within the Florida GOP remains a subject of interest. While they share a strong conservative agenda, the potential for collaboration or competition between these two influential figures could shape the direction of the party.

Source: Miami Herald – Trump-DeSantis 2024? Fans are curious, but both are mum

2. Impact on National Politics

The political influence of both DeSantis and Trump extends beyond Florida, with speculation about their roles in national politics, including potential presidential runs in the future.

Source: CNN – DeSantis and Trump are already eyeing 2024


The dynamic interplay between Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump, and the broader Florida GOP is reshaping the political landscape of the state. Their influence is felt not only in local and state races but also has implications for national politics. As the political journey of these two figures unfolds, their impact on the future of the Florida GOP and beyond will continue to be a subject of keen interest and scrutiny.