What is Stonk-O-Tracker

Users of Stonk-OTracker can follow the stock values of various firms using this online application. Investors in “meme-stock” on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube have expressed interest in it. One investor called the tracker “a fun website, created for apes, by apes.”In order to swiftly and effectively rework and rephrase your text, use QuillBot’s paraphraser to take your phrases and make adjustments.

             This page is for you if you’re seeking for a summary of Stonk’s present situation. It addresses crucial subjects such current market dynamics, latest upgrades, and website navigation.

A great tool for investors in AMC and GME companies is Stonk Traker. It offers details on these businesses’ operations and analyses of their conceivable future developments

A list of all the equities that were traded on the NYSE at the time is located above that header. The quantity of AMC shares traded is shown in parenthesis following each stock. For instance, on August 2 at 4:00 p.m. ET, 23,580,985 shares of AMC were traded on the NYSE.

A bar graph with two lines across it, one for volume (the total number of shares traded), and the other for price, is displayed beneath the stocks. This graph shows that although volume grew throughout the day, pricing were largely steady.

Stonk o Tracker

Short sale restriction, commonly known as the “alternative uptick rule,” is abbreviated as SSR. This regulation forbids shorts when a stock has fallen by 10% or more from the previous trading day, preventing equities from being constantly shorted. Since AMC’s NYSE closing price in this scenario was $15.37, the SSR would be set at $13.10, making it impossible for any short sales to occur in that price range.

What is FRA on Stonk-O-Tracker?

The “FRA” heading on Stonk-O-Tracker’s website displays the current value of AMC shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The Frankfurt Stock market, sometimes known as FRA, is a significant stock market in Europe. It displays the AMC share price as of this moment on this exchange.

The price of AMC shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, also known as the FRA, is shown by Stonk-O Tracker.


What is FRA on Stonk-O-Tracker?

The price of AMC shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is displayed under the heading ‘FRA’ on Stonk-O-Tracker.

The FRA is the biggest stock market in Europe, and here the price is displayed in euros. 

What is the ‘Tits-Up-Tracker’? 

The humorously called “Tits-Up-Tracker,” a recent addition to Stonk-O-Tracker, can be accessed via a tab in the top right-hand corner as shown below:

The ‘Tits-Up-Tracker’ tracks two metrics: the ‘Reverse Repurchase Agreements’ (also known as RRP or ‘Reverse Repos’) and the ‘US Daily Treasury Statement’.


The Overnight Reverse Repurchase Facility of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York allows it to remove excess cash from the system by lending out assets that are on its balance sheet and then purchasing them back the following day is represented by the Reverse Repurchase Agreement statistic.

Stonk-O-Tracker is financed in what way?

Stonk-O-Tracker’s developer claims the website doesn’t need to be profitable, but he still requests donations to help with operating expenses.

“I’m fine for now, but if this explodes like the stock itself, it could be harder to keep it going,” he says.

PayPal offers a donation option, with the assurance that all contributions in excess of operating expenses “will go to a charity.” Here are more details